Metro Atlanta Web Development

How VisionQuest Can Help

Many customers think they can design their own websites and in some respects this is true.  However, although the process is simple it is often helpful to have someone with experience in design, content creation, and implementation to execute the vision that the customer wants.  In this document, I will guide you through the development of a website, to assist you in understanding the value I add in the website creation process.  I pride myself on not just being a web “coder”, but I take the time to understand your business needs and help you make decisions that will enable you to have the website fulfill the requirements you need to grow your business.  From concept, to content, graphics, e-commerce, social media , and search engine optimization (SEO), VisionQuest is your metro Atlanta web development specialist.


My goal is to be your web marketing technician, to help you expand the reach of your business. By optimizing your website content and using search optimization practices, VisionQuest can make your presence on the internet more powerful, and a more viable competitor to other online businesses.  We can discuss organic methods such as search engine optimization (SEO), or paid advertising like Google AdWords to raise the online profile of your business.  I have been able to get nearly all of my client websites to show up on the first page of search results for relevant business search terms.   I can make your site be accessible via a normal browser as well as tablets and smartphones (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.)   I can give you design ideas and help you create business logos  or we can create dynamic content (videos or motion graphics)  with Adobe Flash.  Once the site is implemented and running, you will have the ability to track your site metrics; like how many people visit your site a day, where they come from, and how long they stay on the website.

Many customers ask me if they can do some of the work themselves to save money on their website or if they can change something later without my assistance.  I will give you all the source files I create for you and I will give you up to 4 hours of training so you can do modifications; but I will also always be available to make changes as required for a reasonable hourly fee.    I can make Flash websites but they cannot easily be modified, for that reason I usually make things simple by using a content manager called WordPress. The benefit of using WordPress is that you can log in and change your website from any computer as long as you have access to the internet.  To use WordPress you simply open an internet browser such as Firefox and you can log in to your website and immediately be provided with a User Interface (UI) or dashboard.  From there you can change posts, upload photos, or change pages easily. WordPress uses themes or templates to change the layout of your website, and you can find WordPress themes online for cheap or even FREE.


Content is anything a visitor can access on your website such as articles, photos, or videos. Content includes anything from the wording on each page to the photos in your gallery, and it can take hours of time writing paragraphs or editing photos. Content is hard to come by, and either you have all of your content ready for your website before you even start, or you have nothing and you will need start from scratch.  It will help me as the developer if you have the content created already and it will save you money in the end.  If you need content to be created I can help you with anything you need.  If you need logos or banners created I can make anything you need with Adobe Photoshop, or if you want a flash video for your homepage I can create videos or motion graphics with Adobe Flash.  If you need photos, I have relationships with several photographers and I can setup to have photos taken, and then retouch or edit them for posting to your photo gallery. Basically, what I need from you is your “Vision” – how you want the customer experience to be.  Whether you want a blog to post daily content about your business, or a forum for posting threads about your products, or a photo gallery with a simple comments page, I am ready to help you.


Implementation includes setting up the domain and hosting, setting up the WordPress account, and installing themes to change the layout of your website. Themes are a very nice feature of WordPress and allow for different looks – themes have different fonts, colors, and styles.  All web pages have areas for content called widgets, and the themes have the ability to change the widgets to look more aesthetic looking. Sometimes I have to change  the underlying code to get things to show up correctly on the webpage.  WordPress has an editor for changing HTML or PHP code easily through the WordPress dashboard.  While coding may be difficult for users, this is one of the places where I can be of assistance.  I can also develop custom apps for the iPhone or Android that you can use  to “push” content to you clients – for instance if you owed a restaurant you might want to have a app that could show all the daily specials and or coupons for your business.

Hosting & Domain Pricing


A domain name is the address (or URL) that people type into an address bar to access your website ( You can purchase your domain name from many different providers.  Just search for “Domain Registrar” using any search engine.  All I will need is the account information (username and password and URL) for implementation.  I can do this for you and pass through the cost as part of my services if you wish.

GoDaddy: $ 12/year for .com, more options at


Website hosting is the space on an internet server that will “host” your website files.  Hosting is required for your data (e.g., pictures) and files (e.g., WordPress and pages) to be saved on a secure server, so anyone can read your webpage.  You can purchase website hosting from many different providers such as: GoDaddy, 1&1, Host-gator.  I recommend GoDaddy for their great support and inexpensive pricing.  All I will need is your account information for implementation.

Go-daddy Cost: $60/year and up depending on packages.


I have a special account with Go-Daddy that allows me to host multiple websites.  As part of my Atlanta web development services, I am able to offer hosting at a discounted price as a benefit to my customers.  I will send you an annual invoice if you choose to purchase it through my services.

Cost from me: $ 50/year

Website Pricing

Hourly Rate – $60/hr
LEVEL Description Pages Hours Add-Ons
LEVEL I - $150 Economy website Up to 5 WP Pages Up to 5 hrs Blog/Gallery
LEVEL II - $300 Small Website Up to 10 WP Pages Up to 10 hrs SEO, Blog/Gallery
LEVEL III - $500 Medium Website Up to 15 WP Pages Up to 20 hrs social media integration (FB and TW), SEO, Mobile Capable, Blog/Gallery/Forum
LEVEL IV - $750 Large Website Up to 20 WP pages Up to 40 hrs social media integration (FB and TW), SEO, Mobile Capable, Blog/Gallery/Forum/
LEVEL V - $1,200 Ultimate Website Up to 30 WP pages Up to 60 hrs social media integration (FB and TW), SEO, Mobile Capable, Blog/Gallery/Forum/Shopping
* Remember all websites come with 4 hours of training and all the source files on CD, zipfile, or cloud storage.

Retainer Options / Monthly Maintenance Plans

Please call 404-917-7530 for cancellations.
LEVEL Hours Add-Ons
LEVEL I - $100 ~4 hours/month Update plugins/themes
LEVEL II - $200 ~8 hours/month Update plugins/themes, Theme Updates, and only minor changes without additional charge.
LEVEL III - $300 ~12 hours/month Update plugins/themes, Theme Updates, security, additional backups, major changes if reasonable without additional charge.
* This includes some kind of backup system, before making any updates to themes or plugins.