If you asked me what my experience was as a developer or about my computer exeprience I would pretty much tell you a very similar story as what is described below. This information is also included on my resume.

The Loft:

In 2010 a family freind let me build three sites for him in WordPress. At the time I didn’t know HTMl, CSS, or PHP so I used plugins and themes to get things done where I didn’t have to write code. One of the three sites I built in ZenCart for the selling of tickets, and the other two sites I started in WordPress and they were just informational sites for the restaurant and studio.

I learned about WordPress, Zencart, HTML, and some Photoshop skills.


Coachcomm does 95% of all D1 college football audio equipment. I had a great mentor David Fridel that got me the job, and I started in the assembly department. They make their product in house and their engineering team does everything from schematics to PCB board testing. I first worked assembling all of the equipment, and then got moved to the testing department after three months under David. He taught me how to work on PCBs and how to repair capacitors, diodes, traces, and working under a microscope.

One of the most important things I learned here was how to troubleshoot almost any kind of problem in both hardware or software.

I learned RHOS management, ESD protocols, production line skills, maufacturing lines skills, and quality control skills, R/F module configuration, wireless communication protocols (900Mhz and 2.4Ghz), and much more.


After having a job working on hardware, I got a job as a research assistant at Auburn University for Dr. Hamilton in the information assurance lab. We did contracts for the DOD and DOJ that involved working with Unity a game development software. We used 3d models to make a proof of concept for the project we were working on.

Here I learned abut VPNs, password cracking, network security, rainbow tables, GPU manipulation for pasword cracking, A+ pathing algorithms, hacking, etc.


After going to school for some time I got an internship at a Magento development shop in Opelika, Alabama. This is where for one summer (3 months) I learned responsive web design, CSS, and PHP. Not only did I learn PHP, but I learned how to write it for WordPress, how to create custom page templates, custom post types, and custom meta information.

I also learned about how content management systems worked (CMS), worked on e-commerce solutions like Magento and Woocommerce, and enhanced my Photoshop skills. After my internship was over for the summer I went on to work for them for a couple extra months until Oct of 2013. I also worked on custom Web Apps like cordova, and phoneGapp applications.


Oct of 2013 I started working under the business name of visionquest development and I did freelancing for many companies at this time. I worked with my father’s company in a corporate environment as a contractor. I built an e-learning system for the annual training requirements.

I learned how to manage and control databases with and without phpMyAdmin, system administration, domain management, DNS configuration,jQuery, javascript, jQuery and javascript libraries, how to include libraries and frameworks into projects, how to write PHP forms from scratch, etc.


In Sept of 2014 I moved back to Atlanta, and worked for a small agency in Marietta, GA. I managed all of their development needs, and managed a WHM/cPanel server with about 60 WordPress sites on it. I also helped them move hosts twice and managed a lot of their client’s emails. I also enforced our employees to practice SCRUM and Agile methods.

I gained even more experience in System Administration, PHP development, HTML templates, CSS media queries, CSS and JS animation, database administration, email configuration, and much more.

Visionquest (revisited):

After a couple of years I went back to freelancing and I started working on some of my own projects. I made a theme for WordPress that is bootsrap based and has a library for custom meta info called CMB2 included in the project.

I learned some of the basics of PHP and Javascript, and started learning the fundamentals of both. I learned about high availability, fault tolerance, and load balancing on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or elastic compute hosting services such as Google App Engine or linode. I also starting learning Angular, Laravel, and Meteor so that I could learn how to make WebApps.


I applied for Sideways8 and saw one of the co-onwers at WordCamp which is a meetup for WordPress in town in Atlanta. I started working for them as a contractor and built some themes for their clients.

I learned how git version control works, how to use foundation library in themes, how to use their custom configuration for the WordPress customizer and their custom theme framework. I learned how to configure their custom vagrant environment on my machine, and I enhanced my jQuery and javascript skills.

Northrop Grumman:

I helped on the WCMS project, which was a project to convert the CDC over from Percussion Rhythmix to WordPress.

Here I learned more about the agile process, JIRA ticket triage, more about PHP, Javascript, and jQuery.
I also enhanced me knowledge of high availability apps, git version control, and troubleshooting various problems.

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